SONY XL-5200U with Housing

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These fully assembled factory lamps are ALL BRAND NEW and are 100% Guaranteed of any defects and lamp life. (Easy Installation, No Assembly Required, Installation takes less then 15 minutes)

Included in Box:
  • - Detailed Installation Instruction Manual
  • - Bulb WITH Housing Cage
  • - Free One Year Manufacturers Warranty ($80 Value) (more info)
Lamp is used in the following models:
KDS50A2000 KDS50A2020 KDS50A3000
KDS55A2000 KDS55A2020 KDS55A3000
KDS60A2000 KDS60A2020 KDS60A3000
KDS-50A2000 KDS-50A2020 KDS-50A3000
KDS-55A2000 KDS-55A2020 KDS-55A3000
KDS-60A2000 KDS-60A2020 KDS-60A3000
If you are not sure on what you need to order please give us a call at 1-888-737-3238 so we can assist you.

Disclaimer: We strongly urge all customers to do their own research prior to installing a lamp. cannot and will not be held liable for any improper installation resulting in the damage to your lamp, TV and/or Projector unit.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions in this FAQ please email us directly at

Q. Are these bulbs and housing cages brand new?
A. Absolutely. All bulbs and housing cages are BRAND new. Nothing we sell is refurbished. These bulbs are all new with original packing.

Q. Are there any precautions I should take when I receive the lamp?
A. Do not touch the glass surface of the new lamp. Touching the glass will leave behind skin oils onto the lamp surface which will increase the chances of the bulb to malfunction due to the temperature differences on the lamp surface which can cause distorted picture quality. Also be sure not to over tighten any of the screws when replacing the lamp.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. For our customers outside the U.S., International shipping is available via USPS only. International shipping rates are based on shipping destination and are quoted during the online checkout process. Please note that USPS Standard service does not include customs and/or duties fees.

Q. I have installed my DLP lamp and it does not power on. What can I try next?
A. Make sure that the connections to the lamp are all securely in place. Next be sure the lamp housing has been inserted exactly as it came out. The plug on the housing needs to mate with the lamp ballast plug so it has to be installed carefully. Also, you have be sure that ALL lamp covers are securely in place as there are numerous sensors in your TV that will not allow operation if a cover is left off or not securely fastened.

Q. I think the DLP bulb that was sent to me is defective, what now?
A. Chances are the DLP lamp you received is perfectly fine. The failure rate for these lamps, from our experience, has been less than 1%. Chances are the lamp is fine but the Ballast is non functional. This is the driving assembly for the lamp. This unit, in addition to powering the lamp, also sends back information to the sets main processing system. On occasion this information can lead the system to indicate that the lamp has failed when in fact it has not. The ballast is pretty simple to replace. If the ballast assembly checks OK, then there is a possibility of a failure in the power supply to the ballast. Many times there are capacitors that fail in the power supply. This repair involves soldering, and unless you have experience in this type of work, we recommend you have a qualified service technician make the repair for you. .

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